Track Sleep With Just One Button

Designed for simplicity, it's the easiest way to keep track of your little one’s sleep.

Suitable for all parenting styles, it gives you complete freedom and control to track your baby sleep without interfering with your methods.

You can track day and night sleep separately with your own custom time setting.

Go To Dark Mode

Dark Mode

The Dark Mode changes the app colours to reduce screen brightness.

Now you can use the app at night with minimum disturbance to everyone's sleep.

Go To Charts


Analyse your baby’s day and night sleep patterns in more detail with Sleep Charts.

The Sleep Charts are beautifully simple and fully interactive.

You can easily navigate, add notes, see patterns and compare your baby's sleep data all in one place on your own time.

Go To Forecast


The Smart Sleep Forecast analyses your baby's sleep data and use it to predict the next sleep.

The next sleep countdown will automatically appear every-time sleep is predicted.

Go To Export


Export and share your baby’s sleep data as spreadsheets for Numbers, Excel or print it straight from your device via AirPrint.

You can export all your data or select any specific range of dates for the output.

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