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Strange Pets Shark
Strange Pets Snake

This unique tactical puzzle will keep you hooked!

Swipe in 4 directions and combine your pets to discover new ones.

Learn the animal sequence and create huge combos to unleash magic power-ups.

Compete with your friends and family to find new pets before they do.

Grandma got a monkey.
Uncle got a spider.
Dad got a donkey.

What strange pets will you find?

Strange Pets Duck
Strange Pets Orangutan
Find them all
Swipe to combine animals
Learn them sequence
Unleash power-ups
Discover Fishy Seas


●Discover mysterious lands and seas
●Create massive combo chains
●Find and collect unique voxel pets and magic heroes
●Unleash unique magic power-ups
●Discover secret quests
●Enjoy endless gameplay
●Compete in the leaderboards
●Play for free

Get Strange Pets™ now!

Strange Pets Voodoo
Strange Pets Barbarossa